You can label SOFiCAD drawings with all font styles available for AutoCAD. SOFiCAD automatically uses the SIMPLEX8 style for dimensioning as long as no other style has been preset from the SIMPLEXD file.

In the “Design” tab, “Settings” group, pens can be selected for easy selection of the appropriate text height, the associated dimension style and the color. These correspond to the choice of a India ink pen and the associated writing template on the drawing board. The currently set text height is shown in the status line in mm.

Single-line and multi-line texts can be created. Using the “Catch parallel” command, single-line texts can be arranged at an angle. In the case of multi-line texts, the user coordinate system must be rotated in the corresponding direction.

All texts generated by SOFiCAD commands are aligned according to DIN 406 and DIN 1356. That means the angle of the text is between 0 and 90 degrees. The algorithm that controls the text direction depends on the structure. Please note:

  • If the structure is not in the area in which the text is or there is no structure, it is assumed that the plan is based on the WCS.

  • If the current pull-up direction is not the same as the z-axis of the UCS (or the viewing direction in a view window), the algorithm is switched off.