Settings / adjustments by the user#


You have the option of defining user-defined settings or project settings. Thus, the drawings are visually the same and there is no need to re-adjust each drawing.


The SOFiCAD.BDD (user definition file), SOFiCAD.INI (initialization) and the Layer.LDF (layer definition file) can be opened and edited via “Construction”, “Settings”. The BDD and the LDF must be reloaded for the new settings to take effect. If changes have been made in the INI, SOFiCAD must be restarted.


We also support the AutoCAD system variable “PROJECTNAME” for the * .ini and` * .bdd` files. With this it is possible to call different * .ini and` * .bdd` files in different paths for different DWGs.

Own layer structure#

The SOFiCAD warehouse manager is a tool for creating layers that correspond to a predetermined structure. The program item “SOFiCAD-LayerManager” is always available in the context menu. The dialog is started with the “Layermanager …” command.

The structure of this structure is stored in layer structure definition (LSD) files. These are ASCII files that can be created from EXCEL tables.

The previous Visio users can continue to use the existing Excel tables with the corresponding layer structures. The file extension only needs to be changed to .LSD!