Bar styles#

Rebar style#

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Einstellungen für Stabstahldarstellungen


Bewehrung > Einstellungen

Einstellungen für Stabstahldarstellungen

You can use the ‘Rebar style’ command to define different rebar styles. This gives the user the option of making various settings in SOFiCAD and adapting them to individual requirements.

In the dialog window of the style, settings for the display of lines and text of the reinforcement can be made under the following tabs.

  • Barmark View

  • Extract copy

  • laying


In order to change a setting here, it can be selected and changed below the list.


The settings of a style are only taken into account if the ‘Current’ style is set. A currently set style appears in the header of the dialog window.


With the exception of the ‘Standard’ style, all styles are plan-specific. If you need styles in several plans, these can be exported or imported.