Release Notes#

The following list presents new features and issues resolved within SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator. These issues are often directly reported by our users by contacting the support_assistant_small SOFiSTiK Technical Support or the SOFiSTiK Communities.


For the optimal product experience we highly recommend to work with its latest version.

2023-10 Update Release (April 2024)#


  • Control over the vertical alignment of analytical panels for slabs and analytical members for beams:

    • On a global scale via settings in the configuration to determine the default behavior, e.g., according to the physical element or nearest analytical level.

    • On an instance base for individual overrides, e.g., a specific level or reference plane.

Bug Fixes#

  • Algorithm for analyzing the physical elements’ geometry has been improved. 223130

2023-9 Update Release (February 2024)#


  • Extended the capabilities to create and optimise curved analytical elements, supporting arc-shaped analytical panels (planar and bent) and analytical members. Limitations to elliptically- and spline-shaped elements still apply.

2023-7 Update Release (October 2023)#



With this Service Pack, SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator becomes equivalent to version 2024-0.

Deprecated SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator data, e.g., shared parameters, has been removed and related data, e.g., view templates, has been upgraded.

Manual checking required for all instances where such data was used outside SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator workflows!

  • Improvement of storage scheme of SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator information in Autodesk® Revit® 2023 for future extension of capabilities:

    • All information is stored on a document level and no longer on an element basis.

    • Association and visualization of an element to a specific set, e.g., Enabled True, is handled via Revit Selection Sets.

    • This new approach already supports the creation of an analytical model where the physical model elements are part of a Revit Group.

  • Major performance improvements, making SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator even faster and able to handle larger models.

2023-5 Update Release (May 2023)#


  • New Language Settings for SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator :

    • Wir sprechen Deutsch!

    • Nous parlons français!

  • A progress bar for the Check step helps to estimate its remaining duration.

  • Some improvements in the generation of elements, such as:

    • simplification of the topology for Slabs with parallel edges in close proximity,

    • the elevation of Beams in some cases,

    • generating Analytical Members for Inclined Columns.


  • General bug fixes for small issues during the Check step.

  • Some walls and slabs were not generated before, causing the excecution to stop. 213104

2023-4 Update Release (April 2023)#


  • The Check step is a long sought-after feature by our clients and we’re happy to report its availabilty. The step is accessible via the Side Panel and we’re happy to hear your feedback.

    It is now possible to:

    • identify Coordination Issues between physical and analytical elements,

    • identify Analytical Quality Issues between analytical elements,

    • visualize them with smart view filters in 2D and 3D views and

    • get a concise Report.

  • Major improvements in the generation of Inclined Elements, such as:

    • Sloped Floors

    • Sloped Beams

    • Inclined Columns


  • Improvements on restoring hosted boundary conditions, when they have been created before the Generate step, where on some occassions they moved their location. 211617

  • Removal of small deviations at the lower end of walls, which lead to inconsistencies in the export of SOFiSTiK subsystems. 211617

2023-3 Update Release (February 2023)#


  • New controls to handle the analytical representation of Structural Columns. To learn more, see Analytical Elements Geometry and Wide Columns.

  • Influence over the orientation of the Local Coordinate System for Analytical Panels for Floors and Walls. 208986 210259 210305


    For existing Analytical Panels the orientation may change during re-run of Generate.

    Please check your analytical model carefully.

  • Improved the runtime of the Generate step.


  • If a Model Category: Floor element has multiple separate loops, each loop results an individual Analytical Panel. Because only 1:1 associations are allowed (current Autodesk® Revit® limitation), the unassociated Analytical Panels where left behind when re-running Generate. This behavior is now improved and the user gets to decide if unassociated Analytical Panels should be removed. 210228

  • Some hosted data (Boundary Conditions and Hosted Loads) got lost during Generate. 209350

2023-2 Update Release (December 2022)#


Complete overhaul of GUI:

  • New and independent steps Prepare and Generate allow for a more flexible model preparation and generation of the analytical system.

  • New View Templates to help along the workflow.

  • New View Filters and Visibility Overrides to distinguish elements based on their structural role:

    • Analytical Panels: Slabs vs. Walls,

    • Analytical Members: Beam vs. Columns.

  • SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator is now available in multiple Languages.

Further improvements include:

  • Consistent treatment of analytical wall edges at openings and at connections to adjacent members.

  • Topological cleanup of analytical floors, e.g., removal of narrow strips, to avoid meshing problems and reduce model size.

  • New option to remove small openings from an analytical panel.

  • During the Generate step, SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator will update existing associated analytical elements instead of re-creating them, maintaining existing loads, boundary conditions and other properties assigned to the elements.

  • Renamed parameter SOFiSTiK_AMG_Scheduled to SOFiSTiK_AMG_Enabled.

2023-0 Release (July 2022)#

First public shipment of SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator 2023.


  • SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator supports the new analytical model in Autodesk® Revit® 2023 by

    • Generating analytical elements (analytical members and analytical panels) based on the physical model,

    • Optimizing the location of analytical elements according to alignment rules,

    • Reading relevant information from the physical elements and assigns it to the analytical elements.

  • User defined parameter sets allow to

  • Comprehensive user interface with the following parts:

  • This online documentation.