Bridge Design#

List of Available Tutorials#


Working through the availalbe tutorials the user will learn the general SOFiSTiK Bridge Design Workflow. On different bridge types we show different ways of system generation as well as the design processes for different element types. We recommend to set up a new bridge project and set up the complete data file following the description inside the tutorials.

System Modelling#

According to the bridge type and geometry a different modelling approach should be used. Basically there are 3 different ways of modelling a bridge system

  • beam element structure

  • shell element structure

  • combination of beam and shell element structure (= hybrid system)

Our tutorial examples are using the following modelling approach

Tutorial Name

Modelling Approach

concrete slab bridge

shell elements

post tensioned concrete beam bridge

beam elements

post tensioned concrete double-t-beam bridge

hybrid system

composite bridge

hybrid system

post tensioned balanced cantilever bridge

beam elements