List of Coordinates#

By using this function, the coordinates of the family “Einfügepunkt.rfa” (available in the BiMTOOLS content folder) can be exported as a list into an Excel document. Additionally, the values of the coordinates are stored into instance parameters, which can be used in Revit schedules and tags. A description of the exported points can be made by filling the “SOFiSTiK_Description” parameter at the instances of the family “Einfügepunkt.rfa”.


The coordinates of the family “Einfügepunkt.rfa” are based on the 3 available coordinate systems in Revit: Internal coordinate system (relative), project basis point (project) and surveying basis point (shared). The “Comment” column is filled with the values from the parameter “SOFiSTiK_Description”.

  1. Click BiMTOOLS tab > View panel > listOfCoordinates_16 (List of Coordinates).

  2. Specify the path to save the List of Coordinates.

    The coordinates of all instances of the family “Einfügepunkt.rfa” are exported into an Excel file *.cvs. The values are also stored in the SOFiSTiK parameters.



The values of the SOFiSTiK Parameters are not updated automatically when changes occur.


“Einfügepunkt.rfa” can be used as nested family in components like strcutural columns, piles or foundations.