Parametric Cross Sections

In bridge construction, often a cross section with multiple geometrical variations which are derived from a master template is used. With the help of the CABD concept (C omputer A ided B ridge D esign) and with the corresponding CABD license, the geometry of the master cross section can be defined parametrically.

Background information about the CABD concept can be found in the CABD tutorials in the SOFiSTiK Infoportal

Cross sections which are derived from the master cross section are created only during calculation of the system. Only the master cross section can be defined or modified in the Cross Section Editor. Details for the input can be found in the following chapters:

  • CABD

  • Parametric Cross Sections

References can be nested; that means they can refer to other references. A plausibility check is not performed in the cross section editor.


If a reference should be defined at a point, which is not a cross section point, then it is recommended to create a geometry point.

The centre of gravity or the shear centre of a calculated cross section cannot be referenced.

References can be copied with Autocad command copy within the same cross section.

If the mouse is moved over an existing reference (yellow point), the structure of the reference is shown. A leftclick at the yellow point selects the reference for a further editing.

A detailed description can be found in the chapter ‘Parametric Sections’ of the manual AQUA.