Finite Element Sections

Solid cross sections are generated as Finite Element section as default standard. These cross sections are described with a plane Finite Element mesh. The program AQUA generates such an element mesh for an arbitrary contour where symmetries are considered. The Finite Element mesh can be saved in a subdirectory if desired.

The Finite Element method allows a more accurate determination of the values for shear and for the characteristic plastic forces.

For special design tasks, e.g. for a hot design, it is necessary to describe the solid section as a Finite Element section.

The generation of a Finite Element section is done via a control option which is the default. It is also possible to influence the mesh density. This control option is available in the Cross Section Editor in the dialog of the section properties in the tab Analytical Parameters (see General Properties of Cross Sections).


The use of a Finite Element section is only possible for solid sections. A corresponding running mode has to be selected (Running Mode / Cross Section Type).

All further cross sections elements, e.g. single, line or circular reinforcement, shear cuts, can be defined as usual.

A detailed description can be found in the manual AQUA.