For processing of frequently recurrent standard tasks, the Template files of the type .SOFISTIX are provided. General templates are saved in a subdirectory of the SOFiSTiK directory, for example:


Any file .SOFISTIK can be stored into the desired template directory as template .SOFISTIX.

All current project settings can be saved as templates including the arrangement and sequence of the tasks. The materials and cross sections are dependent on the chosen design code. A fixed design code cannot be changed within the project.

  1. FILE Ribbon

  2. Save Project As Template…

A later changing of the code is possible if the template is stored with ‘’Save tasks without Design Code dependant information’’.

The existing template directories are shown under directories. The saved file .SOFISTIX is now available as a further template.

To open (or start with) an already existing template then do following:

  1. File ribbon

  2. new_file_from_template_large New Project from Template…