Start SSD

A double click on the program ‘SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop 2022’’ (SSD) or on a file with an extension .SOFISTIK will start program SSD. The system can be entered graphically with ‘’SOFiPLUS(-X)’’ or as a parametrized text input using Teddy. The control of the calculation and design process takes place using dialogue boxes, which are accessed via the task tree. The screen is divided into the three main areas:

  • task tree,

  • table area and

  • work.

The SSD is task oriented. The tasks are arranged in groups (e.g. the group ‘’System’’ contains the tasks for materials, cross sections, geometry, loads and combination rules). When creating a new project, the necessary groups and tasks are set by default depending on the chosen problem.

The computational groups are organized in a tree-structure. This structure can be changed by the user at any time, as the individual tasks can be dragged to the desired place with the mouse. The user can remove or insert additional groups at any time with associated tasks.

The work area displays the System Visualization (Animator) of the system by default. The work area changes to program Calculation during processing to show calculation status and the Text Editor (Teddy) for further text input prior to analysis. The graphical input with SOFiPLUS(-X) operates within its own separate window making the best possible use of dual monitors.