Welcome! This is the documentation for SOFiSTiK FEA, last updated 16 Jun 2023.


The documentation SOFiSTiK FEA is a new feature of the release 2022. Note that this document will be regularly updated with new content. So it’s worth checking back even after reading earlier versions.

Meet our programs


Structural Desktop

SSD represents an uniform user interface for the total range of SOFiSTiK software. It controls pre-processing, processing and post-processing.


Text Editor (Teddy)

Teddy is a powerful control centre as well as an editor, which fully utilizes the CADINP language. Use Teddy to extract the full power of SOFiSTiK software.


Analysis + Design

Perform structural analysis of buildings and member design directly in Autodesk® Revit®. Interfaces to SSD when installed together with SOFiSTiK FEA 2022.



Learn how to use the program SOFiSTiK CALCULATION (via GUI, CADINP and batch).


Report Browser

Learn how to use the SOFiSTiK Report Browser and get more information about SOFiSTiK output files.


Result Viewer

Learn how to view results in tabular format, export data to excel, create diagram plots, view cross section results, etc.



SOFiPLUS(-X) is a AutoCAD-based modeler for 2D and 3D structures with graphical bridge, tendon and cross section editor.

Release Notes

Get updates regarding new features and bugfixes.