SOFiSTiK Application Manager Release Notes#

2.0.1798 - 04 October 2022#

  • Update to VC Redist 14.32

  • Support Assistant: collect ODIS logfiles in Support Assistant

2.0.1752 - 27 July 2022#

  • Update for 2023 major release

  • New dependency for some 2023 products, relevant for silent installations with install.json: WebView2

2.0.1617 - 29 April 2022#

  • Update CM Runtime to 7.40b

  • Fixed that changing target directory did not work for some products

  • SAM: hide 2018 and 2019 products

2.0.1525 - 07 Dec 2021#

  • SAM and License Manager now use the same technology to process network traffic (HTTP/HTTPS). Their use of proxy servers is now consistent. WPAD is not supported.

  • SAM now makes better use of available bandwidth which can result in shorter download times.

  • Update CodeMeter Runtime to 7.30 (Windows 11 compatible)

2.0.1440 - 27 Sep 2021#

  • added option to define proxy settings in config file

2.0.1431 - 15 Sep 2021#

  • License Manager: http client advanced proxy interpretation

  • License Manager: better logging and customer message for broken license

  • SAM: now also checks reboot pending after installations and notifies if so

  • SAM: reduce required clicks after selfupdate

  • SAM: sam_gui.log filename now includes datetime

2.0.1411 - 05 Aug 2021#

  • License Manager: New feature “remote softlock activation” for for customers with offline license servers.

  • License Manager: Update CmRuntime to 7.21.4611

  • SAM: Better reboot pending check

2.0.1230 - 03 May 2021#

  • Add new license manager that communicates with new license server

2.0.1086 - 01 Feb 2021#

  • sam_mirror.exe: add special hint for admins that might have forgotten about their repository registry key

  • reboot_pending script will be installed next to sam executables

  • Minor internal changes

2.0.999 - 22 Okt 2020#

  • Minor internal changes

2.0.922 - 24 Sep 2020#

  • Make the newest CodeMeter Runtime 7.10a available, which fixes security issues of older versions.

  • Fix issue that could cause a version downgrade of CodeMeter if a newer version was already installed.

  • The SOFiSTiK Application Manager now correctly identifies dependent products and will give the user the option to install them even when they have been removed manually.

2.0.875 - 09 Jul 2020#

  • Support Assistant: Improve compatibility with Outlook.

  • Dependent products will now be selected during updates, not just initial installations.

  • Fix order of installations. This could result in aborted installations if the C++ runtime 2019 was not already installed.

  • The ‘time remaining’ information during download is now more reliable.

2.0.767 - 28 Apr 2020#

  • Add option in the SOFiSTiK Application Manager to request and apply a trial license in a simplified workflow.

  • The check for pending reboots of Windows is more reliable now.

  • Add commandline tool wibuinfo.exe which can be used to list existing licenses.

  • Fix issue in sam_apply where quoted commandline arguments were incorrectly parsed. This affected spaces in temporary file paths. (170885)

  • Fix issue in the Support Assistant which can now properly create mails with attachments with Thunderbird. Previously, slashes in directory separators of attachments were incorrectly handled. (171854)

  • Fix issue affecting the self update and sam_apply which could result in RPC errors if the local port 3000 was already in use. The programs will now choose a free port dynamically.

2.0.564 - 19 Feb 2020#

  • Fix sof_login benchmark

  • Support Assistant will also generate and upload CmDust-result.log

  • Add German and French GUI, change it in SAM Settings

2.0.456 - 18 Oct 2019#

  • Fix issues for the case that the user who started the SOFiSTiK Application Manager is different from the user with administrative privileges (Example error message: sof.rpc4.ErrorException ... service instance 'sof.sam.SamApply' could not be found ...).

  • Fix several problems with SOFiPLUS-X and SOFiCAD-OEM installations.

  • Display a message when a reboot is required.

  • Fix issue that could cause updates to fail when products were previously installed on different drives (e.g. product A on C: and product B on D:).

  • Uninstall informations will now be stored in <ProgramData>\SOFiSTiK\UninstallData. This fixes problems during product updates and removals in the unusual case that the target installation directory setting was changed in SOFiSTiK Application Manager.

  • Warning

    If you mirrored SOFiPLUS-X 2020-0 or SOFiCAD-OEM 2020-0 for offline installation (sam_mirror.exe) please update this specific release “Service Pack 0” to ensure a correct update behavior to “Service Pack 1”: Just call sam_mirror.exe with the group parameter “-g soficad-2020==0.0” or “-g fea-2020==0.0”

2.0.387 - 02 Sep 2019#

  • The GUI can now be started only once.

  • Re-enable license year checks.

  • Fix downgrade to previous service packs.

2.0.322 - 19 Aug 2019#

  • Redesign user interface to include Support Assistant, License Manager and Administration Manual - and be more responsive in general.

  • Rename installation folder to C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\common\SOFiSTiK Application Manager (SAM)

  • If you run the Support Assistant via SAM, it will collect all SAM log files and thereby help creating a support ticket for installation problems.

1.0.1481 - 02 May 2019#

  • Change of groups names! bimapps-2019 and bimapps-2020 now exist, bimapps-2018 will not work with sam_mirror.exe and sam_apply.exe anymore.

  • License Manager GUI and CLI now use windows system proxy settings

  • Fixed issues with SAM selfupdate

  • Fixed problem that License Manager GUI did not show trainings licences and allow deletion

  • And also: Check out the CodeMeter Administrator Manual for license monitoring and advanced license control.

1.0.1331 - 17 Dec 2018#

  • License Manager: release CLI executable for Automating License Updates (license_update_batch.exe)

  • enable hashcheck in sam_apply.exe and sam_mirror.exe for more reliability

  • fix sam_apply.exe error codes

  • fix sam_mirror.exe help texts

  • add signature to essential SOFiSTiK binaries to reduce antivirus alerts