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Creates a dynamic grid.



Creates a dynamic grid.

Creates an Grid and inserts it as a block into the drawing. This grid is also used for display in the program Graphic.

If the block is then exploded, the individual elements will then be available for use as independent gridlines. The representation of the gridlines can be set using the context menu so that the description will always be visible and the axes alter dynamically.

The properties of a grid and the point to be referenced for insertion are set in the dialog box. The insertion point can be defined by selecting a point on the drawing or by entering coordinates. The grid is drawn with reference to this point. If the grid has not been exploded into parts, the dialog box can be opened again for modification by double clicking on the grid. Any changes to the properties can be entered and confirmed by clicking the OK button.

When the drawing is exported, the grid is retained as an Gridlines. When importing, grids are imported as individual grid lines.

Dialog Box

It is possible here to enter and modify the properties of a grid. All aspects of the grid from the text style to the grid colour can be defined or redefined. To the right of the dialog, the number and spacing of the gridlines can be defined. Either a system with uniform spacing between all lines can be defined, or the spacing/centres can be changed after a specified number of lines. In the preview window, the base point for the grid relative to the cursor, and hence the insertion point, can be selected.

There is also the possibility to create a radial layout for the grid. This requires the input of an angle for the radial axes and a radius for the curved axes. This radius describes the offset of the curved axes relative to the origin point.