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Creates a dynamic gridline.



Creates a dynamic gridline.

Dynamic axes are saved into the database and are retained for use in the program Graphic.

The display options for a gridline can be set in the context menu so that the gridline description is always visible and remains dynamic. Modification of an existing gridline is possible by double clicking to open the properties dialog box.

For creation of a gridline, the following options are available for use:

Start & End Point

The user is prompted to enter two points for the start and end points of the gridline. The circle symbol is inserted at the gridlines start point.

Position for next grid

Prompts the user to define the position the next gridline is to be generated.

Between 2 Lines

Draws an gridline between two selected lines. The position division factor can be defined. The start and end points of the gridline can then be input. The gridline will be drawn closest to the first selected line.


Continues an already established series of axes. The properties of a selected gridline will be used.

If an gridline is selected, the following context menu options are available for use:

Display Grids Dynamic

If this option is activated, the grid labels will be displayed independent of the zoom range and will always be displayed on the screen.

Adjust Label Size

If this option is active, the text of the grid labels in the display will be adjusted according to the zoom range, otherwise they will remain the same size.