Loadcase Manager

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Defines or modifies actions and loadcases, partial safety factors and combination factors.



Defines or modifies actions and loadcases, partial safety factors and combination factors.

The dialog box will have a different appearance dependent on the chosen design code. The factors, which are given here, are taken into account in the calculation programs.

The dialog box contents can be treated similarly as any MS Windows dialog. This means that, for example, multiple loadcases can be selected using the shift or ctrl keys and deleted using the delete key. Any further input for the loadcase (e.g. load definition) is then related back to the selected loadcase.

A detailed description of input possibilities can be found in the chapter ‘ACT – Definition of an Action’ and ‘LC – Definition of a Load Case’ of the manual SOFiLOAD.

Actions Tab

The actions tab is also available in program SSD as an own task. The synchronisation of the actions between SSD and SOFiPLUS(-X) is analogous to materials and cross sections.

New actions are created using the default settings from the design code dependent ‘.ini’ file. For various other actions, other categories can be chosen. The actions, factors of safety and design code dependent combination factors are applied to Loadcases tab.

Loadcases Tab

The most recently defined loadcase will always be set to the current default used in the load input commands. Different values for the safety factors are not possible. In this case a user defined action must be used.

The option New creates some empty loadcases. If a loadcase is highlighted on this tab, the properties will be assigned by default to the newly created loadcase.

In the deadload column, a factor can be given that determines if the self-weight of the structure is to be calculated by the program, and by which loadcase. Depending on whether the Use global deadload directions checkbox is ticked, there is the possibility to either enter a deadload factor or values in the global directions DLX, DLY and DLZ. The given value is used only in the structural database.

The option Copy is only available if one or more loadcase is highlighted. With this option marked loadcases including all free loads and structural element bound loads are copied into a new loadcase. The number of the new loadcase and an additional factor for the copied loads can be given.