There follows an overview of all SOFiPLUS(-X) commands that can be used for the creation or modification of loads. There is a distinction between Structural Element Loads and Free Loads.

Structural Element Loads are associated with the elements they are applied to and will be adjusted automatically if the element geometry is modified.

Free Loads can be placed at any point around the structure and are not associated with any element geometry. These loads can also be defined with a range of application. The direction, projection and range of action of loads onto elements defining the structure are determined during the export operation. Loads that are affected by structural openings are also considered at this point. Where loads are not applied because of this, the warning message ‘Loads activated with less than 100%’ is given.

Free line and area loads can be applied as polygonal loads. With this, up to 63 load points can be defined. Loads defined with polygonal input can be applied as uniformly distributed loads only.