Release Notes

The following list presents new features and issues resolved within SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator. These issues are often directly reported by our users by contacting the support_assistant_small SOFiSTiK Technical Support or the SOFiSTiK Communities.


For the optimal product experience we highly recommend to work with its latest version.

Public Releases

2022-8 Update Release (December 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Improving the stability of the software to modify the analytical elements.

2022-5 Update Release (June 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Assignment of analytical floors to existing levels improved.

2022-4.1 Release (April 2022)

First public shipment of SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator.


Including but not limited to:

Beta Testing Releases

2022-4 Beta Update Release (March 2022)

Intermediate release with improvements based on customer feedback and other developments.


  • Hosted data (e.g., hosted line and area loads and boundary conditions) were formerly deleted and are now being restored after completion of process, see Step 2: Detect Connections.

  • Extended availability of configuration parameters to customize the geometry of the analytical model by tweaking the optimization algorithm. To learn more, see Step 3: Update Analytical Model (Parameters).

  • Locking mechanism, accessible through the SOFiSTiK_AMG_Locked parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Problems with IFC Files resolved.

2022-2 Beta Release (December 2021)

Initial version of SOFiSTiK Analytical Model Generator, including but not limited to: