Installation from Offline Installation Files#

  1. Copy the ‘repository’ to a location your clients can access it. This location can be one of:

    • Network Share (SMB)

    • Web Server (HTTP/HTTPS)

    • Local Absolute Path (C:\sofistik_mirror)

  2. Point the client to your repository via repository registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SOFiSTiK\SAM (for example, with reg.exe or regedit.exe).


    • Name: repository

    • Type: REG_SZ

    • Examples for REG_SZ value:

    • Value: file://C:\local\sofistik_mirror

    • or Value: file://server/sofistik_mirror

    • or Value: http://server/sofistik_mirror

    • or Value: https://server/sofistik_mirror

  3. Your clients can now install our products as described in: Installation on a Single Computer using your offline files.

Service Pack Updates#

See Get Offline Installation Files to update your repository. Clients will then see available service packs in the SOFiSTiK Application Manager.