Working with Tags

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To assign a tag to an element.

To assign a tag to an element.

To simplify the handling in drawings with a lot of elements, each element is allowed to have one or more tags. A tag is a simple user defined text to mark the element. This tag can be filtered in an user defined filter.

Properties Dialog

Use the AutoCAD/SOFiPLUS-X properties palette (command: _PROPERTIES) to add one or more tags to the element:

  • Select one or more elements.

  • In the properties palette an additional entry Tags is shown.

  • Allready assigned tags are shown as text. This information is not editable.

  • To add or modify some tags to the element open a little dialog at the right side of the line.

  • To assign an existing tag just check the entry in the lower part of the dialog.

  • To define and assign a new tag add the name of the tag in the upper part of the dialog and push the Add button. The new tag is assigned automatically.


Elements with tags could be filtered via the user-defined filter:

  • Define a new user-defined filter.

  • Take the entry Tags in the first section.

  • In the third line all existing tags are shown.

For the use of tags withhin the filter see user defined filter.