Checking of Results

There are different possibilities to check results of the calculation of a cross section:

  • After the calculation, a small protocol of the calculation is shown with the most important values of the cross section in the command line. This can be also opened in a separate text window by pressing the F2 button.

  • After the calculation the previous cross section and its results are deleted and the new results are read from the database. Within certain limits, it is possible to check the results in the Cross Section Editor, e.g. the geometry and the generated elements such as stress points and shear cuts (see Cooperation with the other SOFiSTiK Modules).

  • If a cross section which was created in the Cross Section Editor is calculated once again in the SSD, the cross section can then be checked in the printout of the SOFiSTiK program Report.

  • Cross sections which are generated and calculated in the Cross Section Editor can also be checked graphically using the program Result. Thereby, it is necessary to save the results in the database (CDB file).


The Cross Section Editor does not check the geometry of the several elements within a cross section. Geometrical ambiguities in the input occur only during the calculation with the program AQUA. In the case of error messages or warnings which are shown in the sidebar, please check at first the geometry.