Automatically Generated Elements

During the calculation of cross sections, certain elements are generated automatically in dependance on the given settings. These are:

  • Automatically generated shear cuts for solid concrete cross sections

  • Automatically generated stress points

  • Centre of gravity (C)

  • Shear centre (SC)

  • Position of the principal axes

Automatically generated elements are not editable, but they can be snapped for construction purposes. Their position is updated automatically, if the cross section is recalculated. However, this also means that, for example, if the geometry of the cross section is modified, the centre of gravity is still shown at the old position until the cross section is calculated again.

Double clicking on the centre of gravity symbol (C) or the shear centre symbol (SC) opens the dialog of the Cross Section Properties.

Double clicking on an automatically generated shear cut or automatically generated stress point opens the respective element dialog. With this the respective properties of the objects can be checked visually, however, they are not editable. If the displayed properties are not unsuitable for the purpose, a shear cut or stress point can be defined manually. During the next calculation of the cross section the objects of this type (stress points/shear cuts) are no longer generated automatically.

Automatic shear cuts and stress points are displayed with the same colour than the elements, which are created manually, however, in a lighter shade than the user defined elements.