SOFiPLUS Release Notes

Service Pack 2022-5 (1 June 2022)

  • Prestressing: Tendons with additional data were not exported correctly (200932, 201333).

  • Cross Section Editor: Improved handling - input of shear cuts (200758).

Service Pack 2022-4 (1 April 2022)

  • Fixed strange behavior and a possible crash with the filters (194275, 197782, 199162, 199187).

  • Fixed crash when creating new constraints with prior selected existing ones.

  • Improved visualization of the construction stage infinite in the bar graph.

Service Pack 2022-3 (11 February 2022)

  • Minor improvements in command mesh generation.

  • Improved visualization of the construction stages in the bar graph and the filters.

Service Pack 2022-2 (03 December 2021)

  • Cross Section Editor: Improvement for the additional definition of construction stages (188233).

  • CABD: Corrected inconsistent behavior of axis out of polylines (192660, 191143).

  • Loads: Fixed elementboundloads on structural lines with typ cable (193907).

  • Commands Create Objects between Placements and Create Objects along Curve now allow you to copy constraints and springs between structural points.

Service Pack 2022-1 (08 October 2021)

  • Fixed possible crash when entering invalid values.

  • Fixed possible unreadable text for definition of loads.

  • Improvements for the command Assign Group and Construction Stages

    • Command does not work immediately after importing a CDB into the drawing.

    • Improved behavior for editing springs and supports.

  • Cross Section Editor: For the stress points, the effective thickness for the c/t check can now also be set as a reference to a template variable (TVAR).

  • Simplified the context menu for drawn main and secondary axes.

  • CABD: Variables with small differences con now be visualized better. At the ends of the slider, the size of the dimensions displayed vertically in the graphics area changes more than in the middle area of ​​the slider. This means that extremely small or large changes compared to the axis length can be displayed clearly (190505).

  • Storey Level

  • Improved internationalization of the file names.

  • The visualization of the generated network was deleted from the drawing. At the moment it cannot be visualized in SOFiPLUS.

Release 2022 (Juli 2021)

Cooperation With Program SSD

Design Code

Some design codes have been renamed. For this designcodes please check materials, actions, loads, combinations and design parameters.


In the header of the sidebar the new viewer is available.

CABD Workflow

Bridge Bearing


New command Bridge Bearing defines a package of spring elements between bridge superstructure and substructure. It allows grouping of the corresponding spring results in so called result sets (RSET), which can be be used for the bridge bearing design in the SSD.


Construction Stages


Each group with structural elements may now also have two construction stages. One for the activation of the group, one for removing the elements. These construction stages are defined with the command Assign Group and Construction Stages.

The assigned construction sections are checked using the bar graph.


Earthquake Workflow

Storey Level

New command Storey Level defines storey levels for a multi-storey building which are used for the analysis of multi-storey buildings in the earthquake workflow.

The whole system:


The storey levels are also available in the user defined filter.

Level selected in the filter:



During the export centre of rigidity and centre of mass can be calculated. This option is set by default.


Improved Behavior


Implemented a new number manager. This speeds up work, especially when copying or editing many structural elements.

Command Assign Group

The command can now manage construction stages for the CSM workflow. Therefore is has been renamed to Assign Group and Construction Stages.

The appearance and functionality of the dialog has been adapted to other dialogs. A plus sign inserts a line with a predefined group number in the table area below. This group number is made up of the base value and an offset. The created line is marked and the group number can be assigned to the structural elements as usual.

Build-In filter

Based on the new bar graph a corresponding build-in filter for contruction stages is implemented.

Dialog for Spring Elements between structural points

The tabbed dialog has changed to a more user-friendly table view.

Usability of Secondary Axes

If created from AutoCAD geometry like lines, arcs or splines, a secondary axis will now copy and store the geometry (similar to structural lines). The original geometry can then be deleted without problems.

In rare cases the secondary axis was created on the wrong side of the main axis. This happened with axes from AutoCAD geometry - especially from arcs. Such secondary axes are now mirrored to the correct side when the drawing is opened.


Please check the position and direction of the secondary axes and tendons after opening the drawing.


Individually Features

  • Eccentricity for structural lines with global values.

  • Import of grid lines

  • New schema for Group visualization - the group visualizations of schemas 1 and 2 now work with different algorithms. So there should always be a color schema that matches the distribution of the groups.

  • The direction of projektion for free line and area loads have been customised to the program SOFiLOAD.

  • Project options - the point size 0 can no longer be defined.

  • The group number 0 for elements between structural lines and elements between structural lines and points has changed to automatic (customisation to the program SOFiMESH). If the group number is assigned automaticaly, the analysis program uses the group number of the adjacent structural elements if possible.



SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2022 can open DWG files from version 2016. After saving in version 2022, the DWG files cannot be re-opened in the older version!

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2022 can import projects from version 2022 only.

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X may have to convert and/or upgrade data when opening a DWG. Any issues, warnings or errors will be displayed in the Messages tab in the sidebar.