../../_images/export32.png Export to SOFiSTiK Database




Generates the calculation model by exporting the structure, loads, prestressing, etc.



Generates the calculation model by exporting the structure, loads, prestressing, etc.

The elements in the drawing are exported to the database and the analysis program is started.

After you exit the Export dialog using the OK button, the program will check if any unused loadcases are present in the drawing and will delete them on request.

An external analysis program will start. The elements are stored directly in the analysis database (CDB). With the SOFiSTiK program System the generated mesh can instantly be visually checked.

Structural elements that are exported with errors or warnings will be listed in the messages tab of the sidebar. Listed elements can be zoomed into by right clicking on the error or warning. Other options for editing or deleting elements are also available in the context menu.

Common Tab

It is possible to export either the entire system or a limited selection of elements in a partial system. For the automatic meshing, a parameter for the general mesh density can be defined. This input is used for all structural elements where no element specific value for the mesh density has been assigned.

The number of elements that will be generated, and thus the mesh size, will be determined by multiple factors: the geometry and the defined maximum possible edge length. The number of elements is often affected by unfavourable geometry.

The refinement factor controls the generated element size in elements with insufficient reference points. This is particularly the case for structural points without assigned dimensions.

With the option Calculate Centre of Rigidity and Centre of Mass the analysis with the program FEABENCH is added. For more information please refer the manual FEABENCH.

Text Output Tab

Information that is to be written in the .plb results files upon export can be selected here.