Create Cross Section Contour

../../_images/3dcontour.png Create 3D Representation




Creates 3D objects from SOFiSTiK objects.



Creates 3D objects from SOFiSTiK objects.

Creates multi-surfaced AutoCAD objects as cross section contours for all linear and area SOFiPLUS objects on the layer X___SOLIDS to represent the assigned cross sections for all SOFiPLUS(-X) elements.

These AutoCAD objects are independent of SOFiPLUS(-X) and can be saved into a DWG or DXF file. They are suitable for use with rendering tools.

This command is intended for use at the end of system creation process for the export of 3D geometrical information about the system to external programs. Please note that the geometry it creates is not updated automatically if subsequent system changes are made. If contours that have already been created need to be updated, the elements on the X___SOLIDS layer can be deleted and the command used again to create the new geometry.