One can define, modify, clone or delete an element. It is also possible to import an element out of or to export it in another database. Use the context menu to work with the selected element depending on the current design code.

All input possibilities correspond with the input possibilities in the program AQUA.

The following elements are available for use:


Manage materials from design code or other materials.

Cross Sections

Standard cross sections can be defined via little icons. Using the sidebar context menu, any cross section can be entered. A detailed description of all functionality can be found in the Cross Section Editor section.

Bore Profiles

In the dialog box, the appropriate type of profile input can be selected in the dropdown box.

Work laws for springs and beam hinges

Manage work laws for springs and beam hinges.

Example of an Implicit Beam Hinge


At a node connecting multiple beams. At the end of beam S3, a spring can be entered for a hinged condition. With the command Work Laws for Springs and Implicit Beam Hinges a spring work law is defined and a hinge with a work law is entered at the relevant beam end.

Prestressing Systems

Manage prestressing information for prestressed systems in combination with structural elements. Defined prestressing systems will be assigned to tendon elements.

A description of the work with tendon elements can be found in chapter Beam PT: PT Editor (Spline Geometry) and following.