Structural Column

../../_images/structural_column.png Create Structural Column




Creates vertical structural lines by extruding drawn or picked points.


Structural Elements

Creates vertical structural lines by extruding drawn or picked points.

This command is a fast way to define column-like structures as it extrudes points by a user-defined distance along the local z - axis of the currently active AutoCAD/SOFiPLUS-X user coordinate system.

The height of the column is input in a dialog in the sidebar. The command is only available for use in a 3D system. A description of the propetries for structural lines can be found in the Create/Modify Structural Line chapter.

For creation of structural columns, the following options are available for use:

Select Point

Creates a structural element at the chosen position.

Pick Structural Point(s)

Choose some existing structural points to create structural lines there.

Set Working Plane

Because certain selection options only are available in the current working plane, it is possible to rest the working plane to a user defined position. For this the following options are available:

3Points: The coordinate system is defined using three selected point for the origin, X-axis and Y-axis.

Element: The orientation of the coordinate system is set with the selection of an object.

Database: Restores the coordinate system which is specified in the system information dialog

The working plane remains in place until the command to create the element is closed.