Structural Area Wall

../../_images/structural_wall.png Structural Area Wall




Creates vertical structural areas by extruding drawn or picked curves.


Structural Elements

Creates vertical structural areas by extruding drawn or picked curves.

This command is a fast way to define wall-like structures as it extrudes curves by a user-defined distance along the Z - axis of the currently active AutoCAD/SOFiPLUS-X user coordinate system.

The height of the wall is input in a dialog in the sidebar. The command is only available for use in a 3D system. A description of structural areas can be found in the Create/Modify Structural Area chapter.

For creation of a wall as structural area, the following options are available for use:

Start and End Point

The end points of a base line where the wall is to be created can be selected in the drawing. This type of input can be useful for creation of multiple adjacent areas.

Point in Area

Creates a closed polygon as the boundary of an element. A point within a closed polygonal element can be input. The boundary lines of that closed element are used as the boundary for the element. Ensure that the boundary is closed and that the point selected is not too close to a re-entrant corner, since the program, in this case, may be unable to find the boundary. In 3D systems, this option is available only in the plane where the origin is currently defined.

With this selection option, an additional Boundary Options Mode selection is available in the Sidebar. All wall elements are created along the boundary of the polygon.

Pick Lines or Curves

Creates one element by picking a selection of AutoCAD objects (line, curve, polyline or SPLINE), structural elements or complete geometric axes (without respecting the placements).

Single Element Mode - Polygonal Input

Switches between the polygonal input type and entry of a single element. Single element mode always asks for the start and end point of a new element.

Set Working Plane

Because certain selection options only are available in the current working plane, it is possible to rest the working plane to a user defined position. For this the following options are available:

3Points: The coordinate system is defined using three selected point for the origin, X-axis and Y-axis.

Element: The orientation of the coordinate system is set with the selection of an object.

Database: Restores the coordinate system which is specified in the system information dialog

The working plane remains in place until the command to create the element is closed.