Cross Members Editor

For each placement, a local working plane (placement plane) will be automatically created. Double clicking on a placement plane leads directly to the Cross Members Editor.

The Cross Members Editor allows the input and modification of structural elements in each placement plane, both in 2D or 3D.

The most important operation instructions are noted below:

  • In Cross Members Editor the corresponding (interpolated) beam cross section at each station will be displayed (if a structural line with a cross section is defined along the line).

  • Structural elements that are created in the Cross Members Editor will inherit a reference to the axis and each placement. For example, when changing the placement of a station, the structural elements thus linked are automatically adjusted to the new arrangement.

  • The geometry of the structural elements can also be linked to cross section reference points. Changes to the height of the cross section, for example, will also modify/scale the linked structural line.

  • Copying structural elements between placements can be done using the AutoCAD Copy with Base Point command.

  • Using the Placement dropdown box or the corresponding little arrows in the editor toolbar, the user can navigate through the working planes.


The visualised depth in a 3D view can be controlled using the Thickness parameter.