Design R/C section

With the SSD task task_rc_design_small ‘’Design R/C section’’ you can do a quick cross section design with user definded forces - regardless of the defined system.

Since the design is independent from the remaining modell, a design code has to be selected. You choose a country in the first drop-down menu and select one of the corresponding codes from the second one.


Please note that besides the R/C cross sections, all other settings from your project, like the design code you defined in the System Information dialog or the defined loadcases, are not automatically adopted to this R/C section design!

In the cross section menu you can select one of the cross sections for the design. A graphical preview of the selected cross section is shown. All suitable R/C sections from the project are listed here. Afterwards, the Design Task has to be defined. You can choose one of the following:

  • ‘’Design ULS’’ - Design in the Ultimate Limit State

  • ‘’Design ACCI’’ - Design in the Accidential Limit State

  • ‘’Design (DIN 1045)’’ - Design with the old German Design Code DIN 1045 (correct material safety values). Please use only in combination with DIN 1045.

Check the box ‘’Net cross section’’ right over tabs, if the cross section area of the reinforcement should be substracted from the concrete Cross Section for the design.

There are three tabs in the lower part of the task: