Linear Analysis

The SSD task task_linear_analysis_small ‘’Linear Analysis’’ contains the following tabs:

  • Loadcases

  • Groups

  • Control Parameter

  • Text Output

  • Graphical Output


In the loadcase table you find all available loadcases within the database. Per default, all loadcases are selected for the linear analysis, but individual loadcases can also be selected manually. The loadcase table gives you all necessary information like the loadcase number and name, and the action the load belongs to.


With a right click into the table, you enter the context menu for the loadcase selection. There you find options to select or deselect more than one loadcase at once. This can especially come in handy if you have a lot of loadcases in the database.


In the group tab, the participating elements can be defined by selecting the corresponding groups. The group table lists all available groups from the database. Per default, all groups are selected for the linear analysis, but individual groups can also be selected manually.

Control Parameters

Warping torsion

Available options

  • Not active

  • Active

CADINP input


Solution of the system

Available options:

  • Direct Sparse Solver

  • Control of loading, no solution process

  • Iterative Sparse Solver

  • Parallel Sparse Solver

Text Output

In the text output task, the extent of the report_browser_small Report Browser can be controlled. You can choose between:

  • no text output,

  • the full text output or

  • you can manually control the output.

For the manually controlled output you can select the output extend for each output part individually in the control table. On the left, you can see the different output parts. On the right, you can select one of the following options:

  • default output,

  • no output,

  • normal output,

  • full output or

  • extensive output.

Graphical Output

The tab “Graphical Output” is a common tab that appears in many SSD tasks. It is used to plot the predefined results by using the program wingraf_small Graphic.

Depending on the type of the task, different predefined results will be provided for the selection. To deactivate the plotting of graphics, just uncheck all checkboxes checkbox_checked_small checkbox_unchecked_small.