Foundation (FOOTiNG)

The SSD-Task task_footing_small ‘’Foundation’’ (FOOTiNG) evaluates the foundation widths based on applied loading or determines the foundation widths in respect to predefined loads and carries out the required foundation verifications.

The supported load types are moments, vertical and horizontal forces. Additional loading according to the 2nd order theory can be considered as well.

The required design combinations are created automatically. The foundation verification includes bending, shear and punching design.

FOOTiNG supports single and as well strip foundations. Especially sleeves can be assigned to single foundations.

The definition of loading on a support point position is still a workflow, which can be taken over from a SOFiSTiK database (e.g. from the Column Task COLUMN or based on a calculation on the overall system).

The following checks are applied:

  • Geotechnical checks according to the standard code
    (DIN EN 1997-1:2009-09; DIN 1054:2010-12; DIN EN 1997-/NA:2010-12):
    • 1st and 2nd mid 1/3.

    • Bearing resistance.

    • Verification of static equilibrium.

    • Sliding.

  • Bearing resistance failure according to the standard (DIN 4017:2006-03):
    • Design and punching according to the DIN EN 1992-1-1:2013-04.

    • Design of column connections.

    • Design of foundation.

    • Punching failure check respectively shear design.

    • Sleeve design.