The command DBG# is being used for following cases:

To trace the assignment of values, there is a command DBG#. This will toggle test prints and an interactive debug mode. DBG# uses the variable #0, which can not be used for other purpose.

  • The output can be seen if the ECHO print is activated inside ResultViewer.

  • DBG#0 (No output of intermediate values)

  • DBG#1 (Output of the generated input records)

  • DBG#2 (Additional output of all value assignments)

  • DBG#3 (Additional output of selected structures (CDB access))

  • DBG#4 (Printout to console stream/window)

  • DBG#8 (Input from console stream/window (interactive mode))

  • DBG# (Switch between option 15 and option 0 (=break and continue))

  • DBG#-2 (Immediate STOP of total program run, although all outstanding TXE-Lines will be printed after the error message)