CADINP allows the access to data of any SOFiSTiK-Database. Of course you need a description of the contents of the database (cdbase.chm). The syntax has three parts.

@CDB <filename>

Selects an arbitrary database <filename>.cdb. Default is the actual project database. An explicit definition of this database is however NOT allowed.

All data within the CDB consists of multiple records with identical structures organised within different 64-Bit indices KWH/KWL. In general each data record has a part containing integer numbers and a second one containing the floating point data. The description of all structures is given for the user within the file cdbase.chm and for the programs within the file cdbase.cdb.

Materials, sections, load cases or other elements are organized to have a separate key for every instance. With the given example of a definition like:


the variable #MAT_NO will contain a list of defined material numbers which will be printed in the following loop. Instead of the argument MAT the name of any key defined in the (cdbase.chm) or a direct number may be given.

With command @CDB <filename> an database can be connected to the input file. This command is normally NOT necessary, because the current database $(NAME) will be used automatically.