Design of steel structures

List of SSD tasks and general features

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In the “VERiFiCATiON Manual - Design” you will find a compilation of a number of selected design benchmarks, each benchmark focusing on a specific (design) topic details:
SOFiSTiK SSD/Teddy Help User Manuals Verification Manual - Design.
You can also visit the online verification benchmark portal by following:

Workflow steps for steel design

  1. Prepare all project data for input into the software

  2. Create a new SSD project file

    • Define project name

    • Select design code

    • Select system

  3. Define materials

  4. Define cross sections (standard cross-sections or custom via Cross-Section Editor)

  5. System and load generation within SOFiPLUS, Teddy, Revit, Rhino or Grasshopper Interface

  6. Linear Analysis of already defined loads

  7. Define combinations

  8. Analysis of defined combination

  9. Design

    • Cross-section resistance check

    • Buckling resistance check


Working through the available tutorials the user will learn the general SOFiSTiK Steel Design Workflow.

Tutorial Name


Portal Frame

  • Start a new project

  • Define materials

  • Define cross-sections

  • Define cross-sections inside Cross Section Editor

  • Generate system inside SOFiPLUS

  • Generate loads inside SOFiPLUS

  • Generate load combinations

  • Run analysis

  • Run design

  • Design results

Imperfection Concept

  • Generate loads inside SOFiPLUS

  • Run linear analysis

  • Generate load combinations

  • Run second order analysis

Cross-Section Class 4 Concept


  • Iterative method

  • Export cross-section effective properties to MS Excel

  • Visualize the results via ResultViewer

In the “General features & Workflow” chapter: the tasks, input steps, workflows, etc. are explained for a better user understading. The “General feature” documentation will try to give answers for frequent asked questions (FAQs).

General feature & Workflow


Combine loads

  • Task “Combine loads”

  • CADINP input

  • Automatic Combination Proposal

Analysis of combined load

  • Task “Analysis of combined loads”

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd order theory

  • inclination/imperfection

Resistance of cross-sections

  • Task “Resistance of cross-sections” explained

  • Design options

Buckling resistance of members

  • Task “Buckling resistance of member” explained

  • Intermediate Supports

  • Lateral Restraints

  • Method 1 and 2 acc. Eurocode 3

  • Sequence of structural lines / design elements

Definition of eccentricity for structural lines

  • Available options

  • SOFiPLUS(X) line load dialog