Analysis of combined loadcases

By using the task Analysis of Combined Loadcases you can analyze the combined loadcases.


If you click on the figure it will show up in original size.

See also

To combine the loads use the Combined Loads task.

See also

The task Combine Loads was explained in the Portal Frame and Imperfection Concept tutorial.


The task provides next analysis theories:

  • 1st order theory

  • 2nd order theory

  • 3rd order theory

  • Linear elastic


If you have not defined the imperfection loads/actions in SOFiPLUS, then this can be done also by using the “Inclination” option. In the “Inclination” you can set the inclination in global direction or set the imperfection from an equivalent loadcase.


Official workflow is to use SOFiPLUS to define the imperfection.