Halfspace - soil/structure interaction

Task Content

This task allows the user to perform a simple foundation analysis using the halfspace substructure method. For further information and description, please refer to the handbook HASE.


In the basic program version, only halfspace problems with plane slab structures can be processed. Halfspace analysis for three-dimensional systems, in addition to the substructure techniques, is available in the extended program version.

A linear elastic stiffness matrix will be generated for the halfspace processing, therefore a superpositioning is possible. A combination with the other FEA programs is also possible.

The program determines a stiffness matrix for any structure size. These structures can be assembled either from Finite Elements or described analytically e.g. as an elastic halfspace with appropriate soil parameters. Soil parameters will be defined by bore profiles, either within a new task “Bore Profile” or directly inside the task “Halfspace Calculation”. Both tasks can be added by using the context menu inside the sidebar with the right mouse click and the command “Insert Task”.


The bore profile task must be added before inserting the task “Halfspace Calculation”.

The dialogue based input guides the user through the task and the following examples will explain the workflow. For further information and explanation we refer you to the handbook HASE available via the Help menu documentation.

Additional examples are available inside the program directory:
Examples… hase english.