Release Notes

In the following you will find a list of new features within the SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface and the Grasshopper toolbox gh_sofistik released with major and minor releases or service packs of the SOFiSTiK software.

Furthermore, you will find a list of known and reported issues resolved within the SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface and the Grasshopper toolbox gh_sofistik. The issues are directly reported by users via Product Support Cases and SOFiSTiK Communities.

We are alyways happy to recieve feedback and to improve our software. If you detect any issue or unexpected behaviour please contact the SOFiSTiK Product Support or report your issue to the SOFiSTiK Community.


For the optimal product experience we highly recommend to work with the latest version of the Product. You find the version of your product under the SOFiSTiK menu SOFiSTiK ‣ Info About.

2020-10 Update Release (11.06.2021)


  • Grasshopper:

    • Component PlanViewAxis: Visualization of plan view segments when selected


  • Grasshopper:

    • Component ReadAxisCdb/PlanViewAxis: Improved conversion from SOFiSTiK database curve to Rhino curve

    • Expression handling: Improved conversion of expressions (eg. section point coordinates) SOFiSTiK semantic <-> GH semantic

    • Improved calculation of cross section face topology

2020-9 Update Release (20.04.2021)


  • Grasshopper:

    • New component TendonGeometryStretched

    • New icons for tendon components


  • Rhino:

    • Fixed incorrect ugrade of kinematic constraint properties from earlier versions (Wice 165772, 166641)

    • Fixed issue with incorrect scaling of support symbols.

    • Improved the placement of annotations in surface objects. For trimmed surfaces in some cases, annotations were not placed within the outer surface boundaries.

    • Fixed some issues in the communication with the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop SSD. In some cases, the SSD did not open correctly and start the meshing process when exporting a model to SSD

  • Grasshopper:

    • Interpolation components: several minor improvements

    • Component SOFiMSHC: Fixed bug on merging structural points with no id

    • Component SOFiMSHC: Set CTRL INIT 7 when “init system” is true

    • Component ReparameterizeCurve: Major rework of station and length calculation for arc-length reparameterization

    • Component OffsetCurve: Considers curve discontinuities of main axis and sets correct domain

    • Crosssection: Added property BarCount to LineReinforcements as alternative to BarSpacing

    • Component TendonGeometryStandard: Calculate stations for evaluation based on curveLength + reduced default segment length from 0.5m to 0.2m

2020-8 Update Release (12.02.2021)


  • Rhino:

    • Support of Rhino 7: The SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface now supports both versions, Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 with the same features set. The installation will automatically activate the PlugIn in both versions.

    • Updated Rhino SDK to Version 6.33 (Version Date: 08.12.2020): The PlugIn may not work with older Rhino 6 versions, we recommend to update Rhino 6 to the latest version.

  • Grasshopper:

    • New components for axis geometry creation based on plan view and elevation information

    • Component ReadAxisCdb reads additional axis properties: AxisVariables, AxisPlacements

    • Component ReadSpreadsheet: extended functionalities via context menu

    • Grouping and reorganization of toolbar

    • Component StructuralLine: New input parameter for hinge conditions

    • Component StructuralArea: New input parameter for support conditions

    • Component StructuralArea: New input parameter for EdgeAttributes

    • New Component EdgeAttributes specifying various properties of a structural area edge

    • Components ReadSpreadsheet, ReadAxisCdb, ReadSectionCdb, ReadSectionJson, TextFile: Support for relative file paths (relative to current .gh file location)


  • Rhino:

    • Performance improvements in generation and visualization of support symbols in large models

    • Fixed issues in loading and updating the SOFiSTiK Toolbar in Rhino

    • Fixed issue in updating properties in the SOFiSTiK Properties Panel. In some cases, when switching between e.g. Structural Points to Structural Lines, Modifications in the Structural Points Tab will not be assigned to the Rhino objects correctly.

  • Grasshopper:

    • Component SOFiMSHC: Fixed issue when reparameterizing exported non-planar surface geometry

    • Component ReadSectionCdb: Fixed missing unit conversions

2020-7 Update Release (09.12.2020)


  • Grasshopper:

    • New component Axis Placement By Plane which creates axis placements defined by global planes.

    • Support for circular elements within solid cross-sections.

    • Support for thin walled cross-sections.

    • Input parameter “User Text” for components Coupling/ElasticCoupling/Spring


  • Grasshopper:

    • Component SOFiMSHC: Set CadInp parameter “CTRL NODE” to value of input “Start Index”

    • Component ASE: No default output for CadInp parameter “CTRL SOLV”

2020-6 Update Release (28.09.2020)


  • Rhino:

    • Fixed issue where the properties of boundary hinges of surfaces have not been restored correctly when opening a project file. (Wice 177319)

  • Grasshopper:

    • Fixed issue installing the Grasshopper components in case SOFiSTiK license is temporarily not available

    • Fixed AQUA output for sections where loop points reference following loop points

    • Fixed missing interpolation in output when structural lines with different start/end sections are available

    • Interpolation components now create geometry between placements of type B/E correctly

    • Fixed component EvaluateSection not considering placements outside geometry bounds

    • Fixed issue of disconnecting wires in components ModifySection/ReadSpreadsheet

2020-5 Update Release (09.07.2020)


  • Grasshopper toolbox gh_sofistik updated with a number of new features:

    • New component SOFiSTiK Project allowing to run a calculation directly from inside Grasshopper. It also provides access to a number of SOFiSTiK programs to visualize results or check the report.

    • New group of components to define geometry and properties of prestressing tendons and to create input for the SOFiSTiK program TENDON.

    • New component Read Spreadsheet allowing to read data from Microsoft Excel. Input data can be set up within tables in excel and can be connected with components in Grasshopper. Once the data in the Excel file is modified, the Grasshopper skript is recomputed automatically.

    • New component Reparametrize Curve allowing to re-parametrize a given curve according to the true arc length of the curve. The curve can be re-parametrized either according to the arc length in 3d or according the arc length in plan or any other projective view.

    • All components working on an axis now allow to define a position on the axis either by curve station, span station by selecting placements with filter options.

    • Component for Point loads extended to provide input for defining displacement or rotational boundary conditions.


  • Grasshopper:

    • Fixed issues with exporting cross section definitions of different unit sets to AQUA input.

    • Fixed issues when passing input data given in trees or lists to the components generating SOFiSTiK input data.

    • Increased accuracy of curves being imported from a SOFiSTiK database (cdb). For example, alignment axes defined in plan view and elevation should now be imported with an accuracy in the range of millimeters.

2020-4 Update Release (07.04.2020)


  • Rhino:

    • New command sofEditBoundaryHinge allowing to create and edit release conditions at boundaries of structural areas. Rotational and/or translational modes can be released at the connection between two surfaces (e.g. a wall and a slab).


  • Rhino:

    • Fixed issue: a manually adjusted scaling factor of the size of support conditions has not been stored in the Rhino file.

    • Fixed issue with point coordinate systems displayed incorrectly.

    • Fixed issue with planar surfaces being exported incorrectly to sofistik, causing parametrization errors during meshing.

2020-3 Update Release (14.02.2020)


  • Release of gh_sofistik, a Grasshopper toolbox providing components to define cross-sections, structural elements and loads as well as components to define bridge models based on the SOFiSTiK CABD concept.


  • Fixed issue with element properties (e.g. fixations) being assigned irregularly to other elements.

  • Fixed issue with servicepack number not being displayed correctly in Help About command

2020-2 Update Release (15.12.2019)


  • Fixed issues with editing text boxes in SOFiSTiK Structural Properties tab

  • Fixed issues in definition of coupling elements

  • Fixed issue with support symbols not being scaled correctly according to the model sizes

  • Fixed issue with aligning the quad element direction on mesh surfaces

2020-2 Update Release (15.12.2019)


  • Fixed issue where calculation did not start immediately when exporting a model to SSD

2020-0 Release (01.08.2019)


  • New command sofCreateNewCoupling allowing to create rigid and elastic links between points and lines. These elements can be edited like any other elements through the SOFiSTiK properties tab.