SOFiSTiK project setup in Rhino

The SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface links your geometric model in Rhino to an structural analysis project in SOFiSTiK. For this purpose, additional structural information and information regarding the FE analysis is stored within the Rhino project archive (*.3dm files). As soon as such information is stored in the Rhino archive, the SOFiSTiK interface will automatically be activated when opening a file in Rhino (unless explicitly suppressed).

Furthermore, the association between a Rhino project file (*.3dm file) and a SOFiSTiK project for FE and structural analysis is realized by matching names. Meaning, a SOFiSTiK project with the same name is associated with the Rhino project, which contains all additional information and tasks needed for a structural analysis. The corresponding SOFiSTiK project will be created out of Rhino as soon as you trigger the export to SOFiSTiK for the first time (command _sofExportModel). After that this associativity is kept up to date as long as the SOFiSTiK project file exists and matches by name.


On first SOFiSTiK export when the SOFiSTiK project is created, the user has the possibility to choose between two project types to work with SOFiSTiK:

SOFiSTiK project type


SSD project

A SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop project file (*.sofistik) is created and associated with the Rhino project.

All further tasks required for the structural analysis as well as the definitions of materials and sections can be carried out on a graphical basis within the sofistik_large SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop.

Teddy project

A textfile (*.dat) is created and associated with the Rhino project.

Materials, sections and further analysis tasks are defined in this file using the teddy_large Teddy - SOFiSTiK input language CADINP.

In both cases, the associated project file can be directly opened from Rhino using the SSD or the Teddy Icon in the SOFiSTiK Toolbar. The user is free to edit the corresponding project files as desired with one exception: The include statement within the dedicated Rhino-task in sofistik_large SSD or the SOFiMSHC-block in Teddy must not be deleted or modified, as it includes the structural data exported from Rhino.