Frequently Asked Questions

Update CodeMeter and Creating Log Files

  1. Download the current CodeMeter User Runtime

  2. If your machine has a single user license or is a client, install CodeMeter without the components “Network Server” and “Remote Access to WebAdmin”

    If your machine is the license network server please install CodeMeter with all features:

  1. Update the certified time (if possible) in CodeMeter Control Center ‣ WebAdmin ‣ Container

  1. (Only for dongles) Update CmStick version in CodeMeter Control Center


If this could not solve your problem, please send us your logfiles via Suppport Assistant started out of SOFiSTiK Application Manager. If you have a network license server, please additionally send us those logfiles:

  1. Start SOFiSTiK Application Manager via Windows Start ‣ SOFiSTiK Application Manager

  2. Press the top right button with the headphone symbol and follow the instructions

A CmDust-Result.log logfile can also be created by pressing the windows key and type in CmDust, let the app run and find the file in the folder that will automatically open.

Remove Trial or Education License

Use the SOFiSTiK License Manager to remove trial or educational licenses. Start the SOFiSTiK License Manager via Windows Start, choose the license and click “Delete”.